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Siopao Boy

>> Sunday, January 25, 2009

Two weeks ago - after playing volleyball (my favorite sport!) with my former teammates, my husband and I dropped by Greenhills. We did not want to go home yet and just wanted to stroll around. Maybe do some window shopping. Or maybe get a thing or two while we were at it.

All that strolling got us hungry and it was also time for dinner. So we went to look for something to eat. We did not want to eat anything heavy or too filling. And since the weather was cool, we were in the mood for something warm and soothing. We found what we were looking for at Siopao Boy.

Their noodles had a really unique tasting broth. It had a different twist to it. It's hard to explain but after having the first sip of the soup, hubby and I were a new fan of Siopao Boy! It is not your typical mami broth. Aside from the noodle's soup, they also serve the most flavorfu
l asado not to mention the most tender one we have tasted. Okay fine, I may be exaggerating a little about the tenderness but hey can you blame me if it has that effect on me. But trust me when I say their asado was real tasty! The sweet-salty asado taste just lingers in your tastebuds and seem to taste better as it stays longer in your mouth.

And here is what I loved most in Siopao Boy - the grape flavored Royal!!! I'm just a sucker for grape juice. Hehe. So the next time you're in Greenhills and want a different tasting mami, a flavorful asado or you just want to try the yummy grape know where to go =)


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