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Perfect Beach Weather

>> Saturday, May 23, 2009

Today is just the perfect beach weather!

The sun is up high and beaming with all its might..beautiful clear skies with very few clouds in sight..and a slight cool breeze blowing from time to time...

This is the view outside my window of my home office. You're probably wondering what am I doing indoors when I can be soaking the sun right now. I know..I know. I really need some color since it's been awhile since I had my dose of Vitamin D.

But what can you do if you live in the city and driving to the beach would entail you to travel for nearly 3 hours or more not to mention having to brave some traffic along the way. That's the part I don't enjoy. I am sure you don't like that either.

Why can't we just be in the beach with just a snap of our fingers? Haha. How I wish that was possible. If it was, I would be at the beach everyday. Wouldn't you?

No Place Like Home and Brewed Coffee

>> Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I think this is one of my guilty pleasures - just being at home with a cup of brewed coffee, being online and listening to hip music streaming in the background..

Yes, I have been out for awhile..or you can say I have been out for a vacation and just bumming..well not really but how I wish :P

I did a little travelling to visit some really close friends and relatives who I have not seen for years as well as attend my little brother's wedding. It was actually a very short vacation but for a mommy like me, it felt like forever! After the first few days, I was starting to feel so homesick and just wanted to go back home immediately. All the more I felt so homesick when I was able to go online and see my baby and hubby on cam and chat with them..sigh..

I guess no matter how busy we are as moms, we just need a break from everything and have some time to relax and enjoy ourselves. It may not be as extravagant as going on a vacation but a simple trip to your favorite coffee shop, spa or salon or even maybe a joy ride in your car with your favorite music playing in the background is the perfect break that you need from your busy day.

We all need a breather from time to time to help us get through our hectic daily schedules.
How about you, what's your favorite "time out treat"?

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