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Top Five Myths Bankruptcy - #1

>> Friday, June 24, 2011

As consumer debt has skyrocketed to over $3 Trillion, many believe the only way out from under the mountain of bills is to declare bankruptcy. But is it right for you? Many myths persist to misinform the public.

“Probably the worst myth about bankruptcy is that you need to be flat broke before you should file,” says Sacramento bankruptcy attorney Gerald B. Glazer. “It is not good to wait until creditors are knocking on your door,” according to Glazer. Planning can prepare you for a bankruptcy that causes the least amount of financial disruption.

Classes Suspended in NCR

>> Thursday, June 9, 2011

No classes today in the Northern Capital Region for the pre-school, elementary and high school levels. This is due to non-stop rain for the past 24 hours. The rains are not that strong but has occasional strong winds from time to time. There is no storm or "bagyo" but it is from a Low Pressure Area (LPA) near Oriental Occidental Mindoro according to news from 

My daughter is happy for the extended vacation. She has an excuse to have more time to play with her chick, puppies and to sleep more in this cool, wet weather.

If you will be going out in this rainy weather today, make sure to bring an umbrella, raincoat or jacket and boots. Stay dry everyone.

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