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Personal Priority Setting

>> Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Doesn't it feel good when you accomplish so many things in the limited hours that we have in a day? That's how I felt today. And it felt good! =)

I have actually had this feeling since Monday of this week. Last Friday, I made an important decision and gave up one of my work commitments so that I can free up more time in the day. It's not like I won the Lotto and instantly became a multi-millionaire and did not need the extra income. I still need the extra income but I needed more time as well so I can do other more important things in my life aside from earning money - that's being with my family.

I decided to set my priorities in the important areas of my life properly before entering the last month of the first quarter of the year. I guess I have always been the type of person whose decisions in life are based on my personal priorities.

These are presently my personal important areas in my life:
  1. Family (Vince and Roberta)
  2. Relationships (with extended family and friends)
  3. Finance (encompasses business and career)
  4. Health and well-being (I'm not exactly getting younger..hehe)
  5. Spiritual (for inner peace)
  6. Self-improvement (unlearn bad habits and attitudes)
  7. Education (learning something new and constantly feeding my mind with new information)
Personally, I think this is a good practice to do from time to time so that I can review the things I am presently doing and see if I am on the right track of living my life fully and being happy at the same time. Usually, when I start to feel a little less positive about a particular area, it just means that I need to do a raincheck and see how I can fix things.

I know it may sound a little O.C. (obsessive compulsive) or something to do something like this. But it helps me stay in the right direction. Without properly setting my personal priorities, it's like I am taking my car out for a drive without a specific destination to go to. Now, that does not make sense right?

Do you do something like this in your own life from time to time?


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