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Children and Their Hobbies

>> Monday, March 23, 2009

It's six days and counting until the big day of Roberta's first ballet recital - Little Mermaid!

This whole week, hubby and I will be busy being stage parents for Roberta's ballet practices since it will be everyday until the big performance day this coming Sunday. Whew! Imagine nearly three hours of ballet practices everyday for a six year old prima ballerina wannabe. It's a good thing that she is enjoying all this and doesn't mind the hectic schedule.

I personally think it is important for kids to have extra curricular activities outside of the regular schoolwork that they normally get. This is a good way for them to relax and recharge from the daily "kiddie" stress that they have. It is also a good way to find our children's different talents based from the hobbies or things they like to do and develop them.

Roberta at the moment enjoys doing many other things aside from her school work. She likes to sing. She likes to dance. She likes to paint, draw, make crafts, build or create things. She likes to write and read. She also enjoys different sports such as swimming, playing softball, volleyball, basketball and wants to try taekwondo. She also likes to cook though of course she can't yet since she's too young so she just pretends she does and likes to watch me in the kitchen. At her age, it's like she wants to do so many things at the same time but that's okay because later on she will discover one or two things that she likes to do more than the other and will focus on it.

I would like to share this informative article I read about Childrens Hobbies and how we can help our children discover and enjoy their different interests.

How about your little ones? What hobbies do they like to do?


dhemz March 24, 2009 at 11:50 AM  

wow! Roberta looks pretty on her outfit...she's very pretty! like Mommy...hehhehe...:)

I agree Mommy is very important for the kids to get involve in any curricular get socialize and conquer their shyness...hehhee...:)

Si Akesha naman since she was 15 months old we enrolled her to the gymnastic...we would like her to be a gymnastian someday....and join sports as well...hay buhay...hehhee....mahal man sad uy...pero oks lang nuon...:)

thanks for sharing Mommy Kris...cant way to see her perform!

bingkee March 24, 2009 at 10:49 PM  

Ang cute cute naman ng little girl mo---so adorably cute.
But you know it's wrong for parents to push their children into too many activities--that's where real stress starts. Parenting experts believe that the more you make your children participate in activities that the parents are themselves become busier in attending the busy lives of their children---stress erupts.
I babysat two girls before whom their parents enrolled in so many activities after school--soccer, basketball, arts, ballet, karate and voice lessons. They are so stressed and exhausted everyday that they are always whiny and temperamental. I understand that their tempers flared up because of their exhaustion and mental stress they were handling . One is 7 and one is 6 and I just had to help them get over what they needed to do because they could not take more than they could handle.

Jessieca Junas March 25, 2009 at 9:20 PM  

it's fun watching kids growing up. I experienced it (I am not married yet. But I am the one who took care of my younger brother. My mom is a working woman :D) And your daughter is cute in that outfit!!!

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