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Spring Cleaning

>> Saturday, April 4, 2009

Roberta and I are busy on a Saturday night doing a little "spring cleaning". I know it is a little odd doing such a chore at night. I guess you can say we are night owls or we work better at night. During the day the weather is just so warm, it just zaps you off your energy and makes you so unproductive. Well, that's how I feel.

The "computer room" or the pink room has long been waiting to be tidied up. This is the part of the house where I spend most of the day because my work station is here. This is also the place where you can see Vince, Roberta and I busy doing our own little things at our own little corners. I say little because the room is not exactly big but it's cozy and conducive for working.

As they say, if things around you are in order, your life will be too. I agree with this thought. Life is easier when you can find everything in its right place.

While I was researching on spring cleaning tips or advices, I came across this very informative site: Organized Home. It gives lots of ideas, tips and advices on how to clean your house, cut clutter and organize your home. This is just perfect for what I need right now. Why not check it out, you just might find some useful tips you can use in your own home.


S-H-Y April 5, 2009 at 6:00 PM  

D pa ako ng spring cleaner,your right, this time we feel really unconfortable because of the heat from the sun..hhmm..maybe this week I will do the spring cleaning since I don´t have a class for one week.

bingkee April 6, 2009 at 10:20 AM  

I'm scheduling spring cleaning this week because my husband has his spring break. So together, we will do a general cleaning of the house and I do it every season so it's actually season cleaning.

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