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>> Monday, August 17, 2009

It's a Monday again and I bet most of you feel the same way I am feeling right now. Where in the world did my weekend go? Was there actually a weekend? Hahaha!!!

Why can't there be longer weekends? Why can't it be three days instead of two? Three is the perfect number - first day is to unwind and let it all out, second day is for time with family and loved ones ,and the third day is to just simply relax...nothing more, nothing less. Now, that would be just perfect. But unfortunately it does not go that way. Darn. :P

I guess the least we can do is make the most of whatever short break we have before getting back to the grind. What I usually do is plan for the weekend. Oh yeah you heard me right, I actually schedule my weekend along with the rest of the week. At least this way I get to maximize the 48 hours I have to unwind and relax and do whatever needs to be done which I can't on a regular weekday.

It may sound a little too "organized" for some but it works for me. I get to do what I really need to . Then if there is actually "extra time" left in my weekend schedule I am free to do "bonus" activities. Then before the last few hours of my weekend is over, I can actually look back and say "Yeah, at least my weekend was well-spent."

How about you? How do you go about maximizing your weekend?


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