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Gloomy Sunday

>> Sunday, May 29, 2011

Relax day. Family day. Rest day. Those are just a few ways that we describe our Sundays. The common factor would be that it is a good day for rest and relaxation with your family.

But today's Sunday is another description altogether. It is a gloomy and wet Sunday. Gloomy because the sun hardly showed itself. Gloomy because the weather has been quite wet with occasional showers and drizzles from time to time. Gloomy because the total mood of the day is just outright lazy. Lazy to the point that we do not know what we would like to do for the day.

I guess we should get accustomed to these gloomy Sundays because there are more to come. As the weather bureau announced yesterday, 'Summer is officially over. We should welcome and be prepared for the rainy season.'

Sundays are still rest days, relax days and family days in spite of it being a gloomy day. It will be up to us to make any day worthwhile whatever type of weather condition it may be. So go out and make you future gloomy Sundays be the best days it ca be!


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