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Colorful Start for the New Year 2013

>> Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I have always been a "sucker" when it comes to planners and organizers. Every year, I look forward to going to the nearest bookstore and looking for the planner style that will suit my needs as well as my taste. Even with all the new gadgets that are out and their equally high tech digital planners, I still prefer the good ol' paper planner/organizer. I prefer to write things down on paper with my colorful pens. I enjoy sticking post-its on the pages for important reminders and highlighting special dates. I guess you can say I am old-fashioned at heart. For 2013, this is the planner that caught my fancy at the bookstore.

For one, I loved the lipstick pink color! It's so me! I thought the planner theme: Mommy Blogberry - was perfect. It exactly describes me, a busy WAHM who is also into blogging and other things.
The contents of the pages are all appropriate and useful for daily mommy activities and more. The pages inside are all so colorful. Each month is color coded and tabbed such as green for January, red for February and so on. It makes using the planner fun and enjoyable. To top it off, there are bonus discount coupons from selected establishments at the back of the planner. Who does not like discounts, right? I can't wait to maximize the use of my planner to help me organize all that's happening and as well as achieve my goals for 2013. What are my goals for 2013? Well, that's another topic altogether and I still need to write them down. But for my now, I'm excited to get started in using my planner. How about you? What kind of planner or organizer do you use throughout the year?


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